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2018 Editorial Calendar



  • What is mentoring, and how does it differ from coaching and counseling?
  • What should you expect from a mentoring relationship, and what qualities should you look for in a mentor?
  • What mentoring opportunities are available to solo librarians?


Supporting Entrepreneurship and Innovation

  • What is “intrapreneurship,” and how can libraries and information centers support entrepreneurism within their organizations?
  • Who are today’s entrepreneurs, and what role can libraries play in meeting their needs?
  • Are makerspaces and innovation labs helpful in promoting and supporting entrepreneurial thinking, or should librarians focus their efforts instead on creating a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship?


Managing Change in the Library

  • What are the differences and similarities in managing change that’s imposed by management as opposed to change that’s demanded by users and patrons?
  • How do you elicit feedback and secure buy-in on potential changes?
  • What are best practices and/or lessons learned with regard to retiring and replacing and longstanding product or service? Changing collection formats, physical locations, or user access protocols?


Improving the User Experience

  • What do we mean by a “positive” user experience, and what’s the most effective way to measure it?
  • Should a “makerspace” or coffee lounge be considered part of a library for purposes of improving or measuring the user experience?
  • Should we take a one-size-fits-all approach to user experience, and if not, how do we prioritize users and/or experiences?
  • What are best practices in developing and managing usability testing projects, improving signage and wayfinding, etc.?

Ad space and artwork deadline: July 30, 2018


Communicating Your Library’s Mission

  • Who should be involved in developing your library’s mission statement, and what role should each stakeholder play?
  • What purposes does a mission statement serve, and how can you use it to create new opportunities for your library or information center?
  • To what extent should your library’s mission statement support or reflect the parent organization’s mission statement, and how should it differ?

Ad space and artwork deadline: September 26, 2018


Diversity in the Library

  • How are disability issues being addressed by libraries and information centers?
  • How can we recruit more minorities into the library profession?
  • What do we mean by “diversity,” and what does a diverse library look like?
  • Can diversity be measured, and what would mark success?

Ad space and artwork deadline: November 27, 2018


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